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Shapes and Geometry


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Shapes and Geometry
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Preschool & Kindergarten
Sample Pages:
See below.

Shapes and Geometry

Shapes and Geometry introduces students to 2D and 3D shapes; Topics include:

  • position words (above, below, ....)
  • identifying 2D shapes (squares, circles, ...)
  • properties of 2D shapes (corners, sides, ...)
  • rotating and scaling shapes
  • 3D shapes

Familiarity with counting up to 10 will be helpful with some of the exercises in this book. 

The book emphasizes learning by doing.  Students with limited reading ability should be able to attempt the exercises.  Answer sheets are not provided so as to save paper.

Sample Pages (pdf):

Table of Contents

Sample Page: Squares

Sample Page: Left and right

Sample Page: Matching shapes

Sample Page: Counting corners

Sample Page: Cubes