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Measurement, Time & Money

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Measurement, Time and Money
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Preschool & Kindergarten
Sample Pages:
See below.

Measurement, Time & Money

Measurement, Time & Money introduces students to concepts related to measurement; Topics include:

  • size comparisons (big, biggest, heaviest, ...)
  • length, weight and capacity
  • measuring length with non-standard units
  • measuring length with rulers
  • identifying and counting coins
  • units of time
  • telling time (whole hours)
  • days of the week

The book is intended for students already familiar with counting and the numbers 1-10. 

The book emphasizes learning by doing.  Students with limited reading ability should attempt the exercises.  Answer sheets are not provided due to the simplicity of the exercises.

Table of Contents

Sample Page: Which object is the tallest?

Sample Page:  Measuring length in non-standard units

Sample Page: Names of coins

Sample Page: Seconds vs minutes

Sample Page: Day vs night