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Measurement, Time & Money


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Measurement, Time and Money
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Preschool & Kindergarten
Sample Pages:
See below.

Measurement, Time & Money

Measurement, Time & Money introduces students to concepts related to measurement. Topics include:

  • size comparisons (big, biggest, heaviest, ...)
  • length, weight and capacity
  • measuring length with non-standard units
  • measuring length with rulers
  • identifying and counting coins
  • units of time
  • telling time (whole hours)
  • days of the week

The book is intended for students already familiar with counting and the numbers 1-10. 

The book emphasizes learning by doing.  Students with limited reading ability should attempt the exercises.  Answer sheets are not provided due to the simplicity of the exercises.

Sample Pages (pdf):

Table of Contents

Sample Page: Which object is the tallest?

Sample Page:  Measuring length in non-standard units

Sample Page: Names of coins

Sample Page: Seconds vs minutes

Sample Page: Day vs night