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Reading, Level S


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Reading comprehension workbook with short passages and exercises
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Grade 4, Level S (see below)
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See below

Reading Comprehension Workbook (Grade 4)

Reading Comprehension, Level S is a leveled reading workbook containing 10 fiction and non-fiction texts, each followed by exercises designed to reinforce literacy skills including reading comprehension, vocabulary, spelling and writing.  Answer sheets are included.

This workbook is one of a series of leveled reading workbooks, ranging in difficulty from A to Z, and correlated to grade levels. The readers are leveled based on factors related to text complexity such as vocabulary, average word size and sentence length, repetitiveness, sentence structures and subject matter complexity.  Level S stories are approximately 600-800 words long.

Reading comprehension levels


Sample Workbook Pages (pdf):

Table of Contents

Vocabulary List

Sample Story