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Short Plays for Kids 2


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Short Plays & Exercises
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Grades 3 to 5
Sample Pages:
See below.

Short plays for grades 3-5

Our Short Plays 2 Workbook is a collection of twelve original plays with exercises for elementary students in grades 3-5.  The workbooks are intended for both classroom use and for independent study.

The plays are short, typically 4-10 pages (800 – 3,000 words) long and have between 10 and 28 speaking parts each.   Each play is followed by:

  • a parent/teacher page that lists questions before and after performing the play, words to preview, tips to help with the performance, and extended activities;

  • additional written exercises related to the play, the characters, setting, plot, theme, author’s purpose and style.

We believe that reading and performing plays is an effective and fun way for students to improve reading fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary development.  

The plays can also be performed for an audience.  Students can help with directing, props, costumes, scenery, sound effects, prompting and so on.

We also have a collection of plays and exercises for younger students (grades 1-3) available here.

Sample Pages (pdf):

Table of Contents

Sample Play: The Mystery Club and the Case of the Missing Pearls