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Geometry 2


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Geometry workbook with instruction and exercises concentrating on the area and volume of common shapes.
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Grade 6
Sample Pages:
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Math Workbook: Geometry 2 

Geometry 2 is a grade 6 level geometry workbook.  It continues the study of geometry from Math Mammoth Geometry 1, also available at the K5 Learning Store.

Some of the topics included are:

  • area of right triangles;
  • area of parallelograms;
  • area of triangles;
  • polygons in the coordinate grid;
  • area of polygons;
  • area of shapes not drawn on a grid;
  • area and perimeter problems;
  • nets and surface area;
  • volume of a rectangular prism;
  • volume problems.

This geometry workbook is divided into 16 sections. Each section begins with a bite-sized introduction to a topic with an example, followed by practice exercises including word problems. Answers are in the back. The format is ideal for independent or parent guided study. The Math Mammoth series of workbooks is highly recommended by K5 Learning !

Sample Workbook Pages (pdf):

Table of Contents & Introduction

Area of Parallelograms

Area of Shapes Not Drawn on a Grid

Nets and Surface Area 1

Volume Problems