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Division 2

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Math workbook with instruction and exercises reviewing grade 4 division including division, long division, divisibility and rime numbers.
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Grade 4
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Math Workbook: Division 2 (Grade 4)

Division 2 is a continuation from the Math Mammoth Division 1 workbook. This grade 4 level workbook includes lessons on:

  • division;
  • long division;
  • remainder;
  • problem solving;
  • average;
  • divisibility, and factors.

This math workbook is divided into 22 sections.  Each section begins with a concise introduction to a topic with an example, and is followed by practice exercises.  Answers are in the back.  The format is ideal for printing and using in the home for independent or parent-guided study.  Highly recommended by K5 Learning!

Sample Pages (pdf): 

Table of Contents and Introduction 

Division as Repeated Subtraction

Divisibility Rules

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