Add & Subtract 3



Math workbook with instruction and exercises on adding and subtracting 3-digit numbers, both mentally and in columns.


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Grades 2 & 3



Math Workbook: Add and Subtract 3 (Grade 2-3)

The goal of this grade 2/3 level math workbook is to teach students to add and subtract 3-digit numbers, both mentally and in columns within 0-1,000. The workbook is suitable to study after the student has learned to add and subtract with 2-digit numbers, and has learned numbers till 1,000.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Adding & subtracting whole hundreds
  • Adding 3-digit numbers in columns
  • Regrouping tens as hundreds
  • Regrouping in subtraction
  • Regrouping across zeros
  • Ordinal numbers and roman numerals
  • Order of operations

This math workbook is divided into 28 sections. Each section begins with a bite-sized introduction to a topic with an example, followed by practice exercises including word problems. Answers are in the back. The format is ideal for printing and using in the home for independent or parent-guided study. The Math Mammoth series of workbooks is highly recommended by K5 Learning!